The Neo N3 era is here.

Welcome to Neoverse

To celebrate the launch of the N3 MainNet, NGD is launching Neoverse - a NFT mint and collection event together with all developer communities. Users from all over the world are welcome to participate. The Neoverse N3 Collector's Edition NFTs are not only invaluable collectibles, but also carry various “VIP” privileges within the Neo ecosystem.

How to participate

N3 Collector’s Edition NFT

By collecting all 9 N3 Element NFT pieces, you can mint one of the special N3 Collector's Editions NFTs which are created by world-renowned NFT artists specifically for Neoverse.

N Series: Neo World

This triptych includes three illustrations dedicated to the Neo Smart Economy, built around basic elements such as water, earth, and air. By collecting these elements to create the world, the audience could dive into the world of Neo and experience the technology of the future.


Aleksandr Kuskov

Aleksandr Kuskov is a freelance illustrator and CGI artist who has been honored with many awards. He is one of the most brilliant 3D artists worldwide and has worked with the most widely acclaimed agency networks.

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E Series: Neotopia

“CORE” embodies a solidified world formed with matured science and technology where “ZION” and “NIOZ” are two folded cities. Neo sits right in the center of this virtual world, reflecting a possibility that mankind's world will be shaped by technology and science.


BHQS Chen Bin

Chen Bin is a world-renowned space illustrator and is known for his depictions of space scenes. He has worked with many famous movie IPs such as The Matrix, and the official illustrator for various sci-fi movies.

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O Series: N3 Core

Neoverse represents a multiple dimensional ecosystem that carries numerous aspects, and that's why Reva chose to use various 3-dimensional blocks to illustrate a world of N3 that is complicated but rigorous and full of vitality.



With an extensive background in algorithmic art, Reva is one of the best and earliest NFT artists using algorithms to create artworks that bring imaginative digital art and real-time interactive visuals to audiences.

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N3 Element NFTs

9 N3 element pieces, which can be randomly minted from blind boxes, representing the 9 major features of Neo N3 respectively.


Poly Network enables cross-chain interoperability with more than 10 blockchains.

Native Oracle

A built-in oracle enabling secured access to any off-chain data.


A set of self-sovereign decentralized identity solution standards.


A distributed data storage solution made for scalability and privacy.

Neo Name Service

A decentralized .neo domain name service for next-gen internet web applications.

One Block Finality

dBFT consensus mechanism guarantees fast and efficient finality in a single block.

Best-in-Class Tooling

Taking blockchain developer friendliness to the next level.

Smart Contracts

Write your smart contracts in C#, Go, Python, Java, or TypeScript.

Multi-language Support

Write smart contracts in a language you already love.

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