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1. There are 27,000 N3 Element blind boxes in total, you may obtain them in 3 ways:


Airdrop to participants of Neo ecosystem activities


Purchase from Neoverse official website


Purhase from Ghostmarket

2. N3 Element NFTs can be randomly opened from blind boxes. There are 9 different types to be collected.

3. N3 Collector's Edition NFTs: 3 series, 3 types in each series - 3000 in total

A N3 Collector's Edition NFT can be minted by burning 9 different N3 Element NFTs. The outcome of the minting will largely depend on the sum of the serial numbers of the 9 N3 Element pieces burnt. Here are some general rules, summarized from the minting algorithm: - If the sum of the serial numbers of the 9 Element NFTs that are to be burnt is: • Less than or equal to 4816, the mint is more likely to be an N-series • Between 4817 and 6411, the mint is more likely to be an E-series • Greater than 6412, the mint is more likely to be an O-series - The 3 types within each series will be issued in rotation according to the order of the mint. - If all NFTs within a certain series have been fully minted, the outcome of the incoming mint will be replaced in the order of N-E-O-N. The Neoverse N3 Collector's Edition NFTs are not only invaluable collectibles, but also carry various “VIP” privileges within the Neo ecosystem, further activating the growth of the N3 ecosystem.

N Series: 3 types, 100 pieces in total

33, 33, 34 pieces respectively

E Series: 3 types, 200 pieces in total

66, 66, 67 pieces respectively

O Series: 3 types, 2700 pieces in total

900 pieces each

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